Week by Week

Our activities provide

  • times of fun and friendship
  • encouragement to develop their skills and personalities
  • opportunities to explore and grow in the Christian Faith

    Fun and Friendship

    For the youngest ones, the Brigade evening is very much a time of fun and games.
    As they grow older team work is encouraged with more serious games and sport.
    Teenagers appreciate the opportunities to meet socially, often forming long term friendships. Leaders extend a welcome to the youngsters and their parents.

    Personal Development

    Crafts give the youngest an opportunity to develop skills; badge classed introduce new interests to children. As they grow older, members may be given some responsibility in helping in their section and are involved in deciding the activities.
    Some, as teenagers, assist the leaders helping with the younger age groups.

    Christian Faith

    Our evenings regularly include some Christian teaching or discussion, this may be a simple Bible story, though they often have questions to ask.
    Staff try to share their own faith, not just by teaching, but by their example. Young people are encouraged to join events within the Church and are always made to feel welcome.