Our Company History

We are the 44th Company of the Nottingham Boys Brigade, one of thirty companies which make up the Nottingham Battalion.

We are connected to the Methodist Church, Rivergreen, Clifton, and our Chaplain is Reverand Paul Hill.

In the mid 1950's, the Nottingham Battalion Secretary of the day, Mr. T. Harold Spires, went with Mr. David Richmond who was a City Councillor and Chairman of the Nottingham Battalion Training Committee to meet Mr. R.J. Thom who had been appointed headmaster of Fairham Comprehensive School at Clifton. Mr. Thom agreed to have a Company of the Boys' Brigade in the School and a member of staff, Mr. Terry May, was appointed as the first Captain. This was prior to the churches being built on the estate and the Company grew to about 200 Boys. In 1962 the Company based at Fairham School divided into four separate units -

28th A, B, C and D Companies from which on 1st October 1962 the 44th Nottingham (Clifton Methodist Church) Company, the 45th Nottingham (Holy Trinity Church, Clifton) Company and the 46th Nottingham (Clifton United Reformed Church) Company were formed alongside the continuing 28th Nottingham Company.

The 28th Nottingham Company was based at St. Francis' Church and used old buildings in the area whilst the Church was being built. Junior Sections were started in the Methodist Church, the Congregational Church and at Holy Trinity Church. The Companies in the Clifton area formed the Clifton District of Nottingham Battalion and Mr. Thom was appointed as Clifton District President until 1974. In 1974 Rev. N. Keith Hurt was appointed Clifton District President - Rev. Hurt was a member of the Nottingham Teacher Training College and had been Chaplain of the 13th Hull, 1st and 2nd Thornaby-on-Tees Companies and of South Durham Battalion. In 1978 Mr. T. G. Duckmanton who had been connected with a Company in Warsop for 34 years and was President of Mansfield Battalion for 12 years was appointed Clifton District President and in 1986 Mr. George Marlow.

Mr. Frank Thompson was Captain of the 44th Nottingham Company which celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a week-end of events on 16th/17th/18th October 1981.

On 23rd January 1981 the Company started a Pre-Junior Section, later known as the Anchor Boys, under the Officership of Mrs. Jennifer Coyle.

Over the years the following members of the 44th Nottingham Company have taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

Name Bronze Silver Gold
May, P. J. 27-02-1970 24-03-1971 09-10-1972
Jackson, E. J. 20-04-1970
Cooke, G. D. 22-12-1970 13-03-1972 28-09-1973
Poxon, I. P. 22-12-1970 21-10-1971 19-11-1973
Berry, Markham 12-10-1971
Starr, Leonard 12-10-1971 07-12-1972 28-09-1973
Pashley, Steven 07-12-1972 28-09-1973
Cole, Stephen 07-12-1972 28-09-1973
Wagstaff, Christopher 07-12-1972 28-09-1973
Cooke, Keith 10-10-1973
Barnwell, S. 10-10-1973 26-11-1974
Barry, P. 20-01-1977
Bramley, T. 20-01-1977

In 1983 (The Boys' Brigade Centenary Year) the Battalion Sergeant award for Nottingham Battalion was won by Steven Carver, and his award was presented at the Centenary Celebration service held at the Nottingham Forest City Ground.

In 1985 the Clifton District was represented in the Guard of Honour during the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales. The 44th Company had 4 of its members present, Ian Arnold, Darren Arnold, Simon Colton and Jason Ellis.

Our company has no appointed Captain at the moment, as the company is run by all the officers involved.

The Clifton District has was part of the Southern District of Nottingham Battalion of the Boys' Brigade together with Companies in the Rushcliffe Borough area of the County, however this was disbanded in 2012

On 6th October 2012, Our Company celebrated its 50th Birthday with a reunion party and special service.