8-11 Years, both boys and girls


Activities include: indoor and outdoor games; handicrafts; quizzes; puzzles; parades; outings; performances;


Our uniform consists of: a blue jumper with a BB Badge on; BB hat with BB Badge on; School shorts/trousers; dark socks; and School shoes. The blue jumper and hat is supplied by our company free of charge after the child has been with us on a regular basis for several weeks (most other companies require you to purchase this themselves)

Other Information

We meet on a Friday eveing from 6.00pm until 7.30pm (except during school holidays), in the Church Hall.

As with other sections, our members are requested to attend any special services where our company may be involved.

Subs (short for subscriptions) are paid by each member each week, currently this is £1.00

For more information, contact the Leader in Charge, or better still just turn up on a Friday evening and see for yourself!