Can we remind all parents/guardians that our staff cannot possibly supervise outside the Church, most especially after meetings on dark nights. We ask that parents/guardians bring children into the Church side room, taking care in the car parking area, and that you collect your child from the same place, so that staff can be sure that each child has been met and collected.

Booster Seats

You are reminded of the new regulations from 18th September 2006. Children under 12 years who are less than 135cm tall are required to use booster seats in your car. If travelling on a BB Event, and in the car of a Leader or other parent, it is reasonable to ask that all bring their own booster if they need on.

Leaders' Qualifications

Every Brigade activity is planned and supervised by an "Officer", who has completed Brigade training which includes Child Protection and Safety. In addition to this training, to be enrolled as an Officer, a leader must be approved by both the local Brigade organisation and Our Church. Other Leaders, known as "Helper", are also approved by the Church.

All Leaders are also CRB checked on a regular basis.

Special Events/Camps

The Brigade requires that any events/camps are arranged and supervised by leaders who have completed training for these.
Also we require a special consent form to be completed by a parent/guardian prior to any event/camp.


Leaders are aware of the need to prevent bullying and will take action if necessary.


Brigade training includes Equality and leaders will endeavour to see that activities are organised so that no child or young person is excluded